Search & Rescue Certificate of Commendation

As members of the Calaveras County Search and Rescue Team Paul Stein and his fellow members rescued a near frozen man on Christmas Day of 1988 who had been missing in deep snow for over 10 hours. Had this team not found the victim near midnight, and initiated immediate first aid to restore the victims dwindling body temperature, he would have succumbed to hypothermia. Following the successful rescue, all three men and the victim were later treated for hypothermia.    

Search & Rescue Commendation
Search & Rescue Commendation

Attorney General John Van de Kamp and Calaveras County Sheriff Fred Garrison award a Certificate of Commendation to Paul Stein, Mike McGuirk and Sheriff Deputy Howard Stohlman. In the presentation  the Attorney General thanked the men for “your commitment to help your fellow man, even at great risk to yourselves and sometimes great inconvenience to your families. The people  of California owe you a great debt.”

Certificate of Commendation

Receiving Award for Heroism in Search & Rescue