CCWD District 2 Candidate Forum Sponsored by the Calaveras Taxpayers Association

Paul Stein is running for Calaveras County Water District 2 in the November 2014 Election. Paul has been a resident of District 2 since 1976, as was formerly the County Supervisor for District 2 from 1997-2004. Paul has proven public policy and water management experience spanning over three decades.

Paul Stein Runs for Calaveras Water District 2 Seat

Paul has proven public policy and water management experience to protect Calaveras Water Rights

Insects: Going buggy…All business all the time.

Imagine an hourglass filled with the exact number of grains of sand equal to the number of every living organism found on earth—all species: bacteria, protozoa, fungi, plants and animals. Of all the unique life-forms that comprise our planet, insects would fill half the hourglass.

Stein Elected Chairman of Calaveras Council of Governments for 2014

Paul Stein of West Point was recently elected as Chairman of the Calaveras Council of Governments (CCOG) for the second consecutive year. CCOG is the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Calaveras County and regionally collaborates with Cal-Trans to deliver state transportation projects that affect the Mother Lode region.

Stein Elected President of CSAC

Supervisor Paul Stein was chosen last week as President of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) for 2004. Stein is only the second supervisor from Calaveras elected to the post in the 104 year history of the association.

The Fourth Law on eBookSherpa has announced that The Fourth Law by Paul Stein will be used to launch this new site for eBook readers. Co-Founded by Gail Bowman and Kirk Ericson, both graduate students at the University of Chicago Booth School Business, eBookSherpa is fashioned after the old Columbia House Book Club, only for eBooks.

National Press Club Speech

Paul at the National Press Club in Washington DC giving a presentation at the National Association of Counties (NACO) Legislative Conference. Each year the representative presidents of each state association meet to lobby congressional leaders on matters affecting county government.

Lode Star Review

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CA County Magazine Cover, Paul Stein

Paul’s photo on the cover of CA County in 2004. Paul was the 104 President of the organization and only the second president from Calaveras County in the 110 year history of this Association.

Listen to Paul Stein on KVGC-1340 Interview

Listen to Paul Stein’s Interview here: Paul was  interviewed on KVGC-1340 AM/HomeTown Radio on Friday March 11th, at 08:30. Tune in to hear the author share his insight into the creation of his book: The Fourth Law. Paul is returning to HomeTown Radio after many years on hiatus, having at one time been a featured guest […]