Paul Stein for CCWD District 2


Paul has proven public policy and water management experience to protect Calaveras Water Rights


Why are you running for the CCWD Board? 

As a member of the CCWD Board, it will be my goal to protect Calaveras’ valuable water rights, our environment, and bring strong fiscal certainty and accountability to the Board. I will work to ensure that a realistic and responsible infrastructure maintenance plan is created, so residents will never again face unexpected and skyrocketing water prices. I believe my vast experience in public policy and my career in aquaculture spanning over three decades makes me the most qualified candidate for this endeavor.

What are your qualifications?

After receiving a bachelors degree in Aquatic Biology from the University of San Francisco, I spent two decades developing and operating Kemoo Trout Farm on the Middle Fork of the Mokelumne River. I’ve lived on the river, raised a family, and been part of the West Point community for nearly forty years. A two-term Calaveras Supervisor of District 2, I represented the Board on each water related joint power authority. I was elected president of the Mountain County Water Resources Association (MCWRA); president of the Calaveras/Amador Mokelumne River Association (CAMRA); president of the Mokelumne River Association (MRA); and was a founding member of the Upper Mokelumne River Association (UMRA). Appointed Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I served as a voting member of the Cal-Fed Bay Delta Authority.

I’ve attended virtually every CCWD board meeting over the past two years and am fully informed of the complex and vital water issues that must be addressed with experienced wisdom and foresight. I believe no other candidate has the breadth of experience, political contacts, or land use entitlement expertise relative to water that is essential for this position.


Congressman Tom McClintock

State Senator Tom Berryhill

Assemblyman Frank Bigalow

Former State Senator Dave Cogdill

Amador Supervisor Ted Novelli

Amador Supervisor Louis Boitano

Amador Supervisor John Plasse

Former Calaveras Supervisor Gary Tofanelli

Former Calaveras Supervisor Tom Tryon



BS Degree Aquatic Biology University of San Francisco

Owner/Developer Kemoo Trout Farm on the Middle Fork Mokelumne River

Calaveras County District 2 Supervisor

President Mokelumne River Association

President Mountain County Water Resources Association

President Calaveras Amador Mokelumne River Association

Founding Member of the Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority

President of California State Association of Counties

Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Fish & Game

Vice President of Land Entitlement for Castle & Cooke Inc


Expert Consultant in California Water Policy

Water Rights Development & Utilization

Water Resource Permitting

Wastewater Reuse and Water Reclamation

Wastewater and NPDES Permiting

LAFCo Reorganization and Water Use Expansion