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Antigravity technology breaches Fort Knox security in new sci-fi thriller

“The Fourth Law” by Paul Stein entertains and thrills readers as estranged cousins join forces to prevent billions in gold theft

WEST POINT, Calif. – Family bonds are put to the test in a race against time in Paul Stein’s action thriller “The Fourth Law” (ISBN 1452820600). Similar to the writings of Tom Clancy and John Grisham, this book incorporates science fiction, corporate espionage, and the battle of good versus evil on a journey from Stanford University to Fort Knox, Ky.

The evil and wealthy Alastair Holloway creates the perfect plan to steal one billion dollars’ worth of gold from within the high security walls of Fort Knox. The secret behind his plan lies in an antigravity machine, stolen from inventor Jarrod Conrad. Holloway tells Conrad that his estranged cousin, Ryan Marshall, took the machine – but Marshall is innocent, and he and Conrad must now band together to defeat the sinister Holloway. Several family members are kidnapped, and their safety hangs in the balance of the successful breach at Fort Knox.

“The Fourth Law” should attract readers of all genres, thanks to its multitude of plot elements. Stein explores the Grand Unified Theorem, gravity and how the science relates to nature’s strong and weak nuclear forces.

“To my knowledge there has never been a book written about a gravity machine or the use of antigravity technology. Likewise, there has not been a recent story about breaking into Fort Knox other than Ian Fleming’s classic, ‘Goldfinger,’” said Stein.

In addition to the scientific exploration, Stein also comments on the importance of family dynamics. Through the relationship of Marshall and Conrad, the author shows how bonds can unite a family against all odds, and ultimately trump evil.

“The Fourth Law” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Paul Stein first learned about the Super Unified Theorem while attending the University of San Francisco. He retired as a captain from the Calaveras County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, and writes from his ranch along the Mokelumne River in West Point, Calif. This is Stein’s first novel.


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