Paul Stein Appointment

California Aquaculturist Appointed Chief Deputy Director of DFG.

Paul Stein, who developed, owned and operated Kemoo Trout Farms in West Point, California has been appointed to the number two position at the Department of Fish and Game.  As a trout farmer, Paul was a member of the California Aquaculture Association and California Farm Bureau.  Paul was appointed to the Aquaculture Disease Committee, and elected by its members to serve as chairman.  After successfully operating the trout farm for over 25 years, Paul went on to serve two terms as a Calaveras County supervisor and last year served as President of the California State Association of Counties. In November 2004 he was named as Chief Deputy Director by Governor Schwarzenegger.  “A Chief Deputy Director with first hand knowledge of the potential and limitations of aquaculture, should be a great help to the Department in more effectively encouraging development of the California industry,” said a spokesman with the Governor’s office.